Breakfast & Bows

I was SO spoiled and my sis Brittani did such an amazingly PERFECT job getting everything ready for my baby shower!! I can't thank her enough for how much fun the shower and our weekend together was!! Look at these CUTE invites she had made:

and i LOVED the straws!!

We had catered Crepes for breakfast it was DELICIOUS (thanks MOMMY!!!!)

All of Hazel's Fan's bow making away!

So excited for all the LOVE

Some of the MANY bows made

Later that day we went to DI and found these amazing frames and made them into bow holders and put all the bows on

Thank you to family and friends that came and made my day SO perfect! we feel SO loved and so spoiled- we LOVE you all! Thanks Jamie and Grammy for all the help and the cutest plates and most DELICIOUS cupcakes!


Brittani said...

thank you so much for letting me do that for you! we now need a picture of the hazelnut spread!

Anonymous said...

What a blast!! And what great decorations and best of all the pictures of all the guests!! Look at those beautiful cousins!! It looks like so much fun!

Makayla said...

Your shower was adorable! I LOVE the bow frames!! If I have my little Lou I am def going to use this as inspiration to organize her bows!