32 weeks

Jason left this morning for NEBRASKA for his BIG interview!!!!!!! PRAYERS are greatly appreciated- his interview is tomorrow at 1 pm!!! I know he will do GREAT but GOOD LUCK HUBS!!!
so i didn't have anyone to take a good belly photo so here is a phone one:

How far along? 32 weeks!
Weight gain/loss: Gain, enough already ;)
Maternity clothes? They are so comfy!!
Stretch marks? Aren't they battle wounds from my baby girl!?
Sleep? good and bad nights.
Best moment this week? My sissy coming from Arizona to throw me a wonderful baby shower!
Movement: yes all the time, she just wants to come out and PLAY!
Food cravings: bad food. candy, french fries....
Gender: little girl!
Labor signs? No signs of labor- but i have a couple 'warm-up' contractions a day
Belly button in or out? In.
What I miss? laying/sleeping on my stomach and i miss easily picking up things or bending over..
What I am looking forward to? my trip to Napa TONIGHT! and my DR. apt in the morning!
Weekly wisdom: take naps when i can, and be nicer to my sweet husband who helps me ALL the time but especially during the nights when i get up to pee or just roll over and need to move my body pillow with me he always helps me so i don't pull the covers completely off and he lets me throw the covers on and off multiple times a night, even last night after a few hours with no covers he said i felt cold and covered me back up and snuggled with me and he doesn't even remember doing this all through the night :)
Milestones:ONLY 56 days to go?! seriously?? getting a crib!


Anonymous said...

yes!!! Baby Hazel is on her way only 56 more days!! See you soon!! XOXO

The Bug said...

I'd be glad to take your picture if you ever need someone. :-) Also, DEFINITELY will be thinking/prayer for your hubby! We all need to go back to Omaha!

{april kennedy} said...

Can't wait to see you tomorrow...and your belly. Prayers for Jason too.