i CANNOT decide what bedding i like- and it has been so hard to find any since we have a 'mini' crib for our room- bedding is much more sparse to come by. It is supposedly the same size as a pack n play and there are some sites specifically for mini crib bedding but expensive and still limited.. right now i LOVE this one- how would it look with a cherry crib?? Also for anyone who is interested check out this site and let me know if you have any favorites :)
i am particularly fond of THIS one and THIS one... but this is my color pallet that i would LOVE to stay with:

Maybe ill just be making my own.... with the help of my mom? mom what do you think??


Mama Blogger said...

On that Carousel website you can mix and match your fabrics and design your own! That way you can get a custom set without having to do the hard work. ;-)

portapallet said...

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