one month.

Today is November 22, i am due december 22. How weird. It feels like forever away but i have a feeling it is going to creep up on me- well maybe it will feel like forever considering i am getting bigger and bigger by the day, it's getting harder to breath, everytime i put shoes on/bend over/put my compression socks on i seem to burp up, eh well my heartburn isn't getting better and the maternity clothes i have worn throughout my entire preg seem to be shrinking. Jason tells me that they did shrink in the dryer... he is so sweet. and the water seems to be retaining anywhere it can be....but i still love it. because i love my baby girl and i can't wait to meet her in 30 days, hopefully no earlier than 25 but no more than 37.... so anywhere from dec 16th-dec 27th...... id like her to arrive on dec 17th or 18th. if only it were that simple ;) obviously i will take her anyday she decides to come! I am thankful for my baby Hazel and the opportunity I have to be carrying her and to be her mom. I am thankful for a smooth pregnancy and for the best support system ever. (warning you now Dr. dad- i've gained ginormous amounts these past 4 weeks.. just a heads up..oh and it's just because hazel wanted lots of ice cream to grow healthy and strong.)

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