Thanksgiving recap

Tuesday night i walked off the plane to THIS:
It definitely started my thanksgiving trip great!! Wednesday I had a dr. apt!! and managed to get some clients in :) Thursday- the day of Thanks was absolutely wonderful. My sweet FIL woke up early to take me to Old Navy at 9 am to get started on some christmas shopping! While Jason played football with some friends we shopped and got some pretty sweet deals all while it wasn't too crowded! We then were able to go to a delicious thanksgiving dinner first at the Wagners and then we were off to the Picketts dinner a couple hours later. (it was SO much GREAT food!!) Traditionally at the Wagner's, after we eat we all go in the living room and go around and say what we are thankful for. It seems like the older I get, the more meaningful this event actually is- because the more i realize how thankful i am for the blessings in my life. (don't get me wrong, i have always been thankful, but as I have grown up it brings a whole new perspective) This year I have so much to be thankful for- my sweet husband, my growing precious baby, my amazing family both immediate and extended, the blessings of Forever Families, and a little brother for selflessly giving up two years of his life so he can preach and teach the good word of the Lord. Those are just to name a few- and Jason's little speech was so sweet, i think thats when i lost it.... He is such an amazing man. He is going to be the best dad to our cute little Hazel. Thursday night is when it all began- the CHAOS- we started at wal-mart at 10 pm- then to target at 12- then kohl's at 2ish- then a quick trip to jack-in-the-box- then off the the outlets and the mall, all to wrap it up and get home around 5ish... i was TIRED on friday. Oh and on friday afternoon we were able to go tour the labor & delivery floor at the hospital so i could see where this is all going to happen!! It was SO exciting!
Saturday was the perfect day: My wonderful sisters and mom threw me a baby shower to remember (tea party themed!) The decorations, food, and company were all too perfect for words. Hazel is VERY loved.

Later saturday evening Hazel had the opportunity to attend her very first SHARKS hockey game!
and we finished up our trip and came back to Utah early monday morning. I am returning Dec.8th... to stay for a whole month to have my baby hazel. time sure does fly. Happy Thanksgiving month to all!


Anonymous said...

Wow-what a weekend, huh? You sure did marry into a wonderful family-- does any one know of a FIL that would pass up a football game to take his DIL shopping??? Enjoy!!

Erin and Zach said...

It was so much fun seeing you, Jason and Hazel this past weekend. I am beyond excited for you two and will forever hold signs welcoming Hazel :)