Christmas music

I know the never ending debatable topic. When is it okay to start listening to Christmas music?! For me personally, i will secretly listen to it at random times all throughout the year, because it ALWAYS puts me in a good mood- but regularly, after Halloween is when I start to listen to it. don't get me wrong, if there was Thanksgiving music, i would listen to that, but if i had to wait until the day after Thanksgiving, then what i could ONLY listen until Christmas day? that's only a MONTH- but whatever your opinion is on listening to Christmas music you don't need to post it all over facebook- we get it, you don't like it, but everytime someone is playing rap (for example) you don't cry about that do you- so why do people get SO bothered that a store is already playing Christmas music- I'm just saying let people have their holiday cheer and listen to their happy feel good christmas music. thats all. wait, is there Thanksgiving music??


Angela and Keith said...

THANK YOU. I feel the same way. In my opinion, it's okay to start Christmas-ing when Disney starts - The day after Halloween. :) My Christmas tree is up and the music is playing. The longer it lasts, the better. haha

Brittani said...

never heard any thanksgiving music. :) love you!

Jamie said...

agreeeeed! christmas music makes me grateful which isnt that the point of Thanksgiving too? haha :)