35 weeks

I debate this being my last picture... but i have a big shower on Saturday so i am sure there will be more pictures of my ever growing baby cooking self. I can't wait to go home on tuesday for thanksgiving! DR apt on wed and lots of great food and family on thursday. I have so much to be thankful for. I am going to start doing some Thankful posts!! Oh yea and we went and saw Breaking Dawn at midnight on thursday night/friday morning- it was EXHAUSTING but SO much fun!!!!


Brittani said...

keep the pictures coming! I can't miss any of this pregnancy just because I am far away!!

Kendra said...

A)you look great pregnant!
B)I understand the smell thing. It stayed with me afterwards, so I still really really like some smells
C)When you go to CA on Tuesday are you there until you deliver or will you be back? I am thinking back, but just wondering, and wondering when/if you have time for an appointment and I have to give you a baby gift! Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Yes I say keep the pictures coming! You will want to remember ane so will we !!! XOXO BTW, you ARE so beautiful!!

Erin and Zach said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! I am so excited to see you I can hardly stand it. ONE MORE SLEEP!!!!! EEEEKKKKKKS!