pine sol part 2

Have you ever read the back of a bottle of Pine Sol... did you know HOW many things you can use it for?? "General Cleaning, wood floors, and similar surfaces...... Toilet bowls, Laundry, General Disinfectant..." and then it proceeds to tell you how to use it in each one. It amazes me how multi-purpose it is, and i better try it on ALL of them before baby comes because i don't think ill LOVE it like i do.. well i hope i don't. I often get that question, "did you like it before you were pregnant?" or "do you think you will like it after?" I never needed it like i do now, so i am pretty sure i won't when i'm not. Last night at work i decided to clean some stuff so i could smell it, and every student that walked in the room asked where i was because they could smell the pine sol. oh how fun. except for when one student decided to tell me it reminds her of a porta-potty...nice.
oh and check out this blog post that a sweet student mentions me in: can you figure it out? haha


Brittani said...

hahaha! i love the guest post :)

Mama Mills said...

I used it today and definitely thought of you .