I love LaborLooks. I have yet to USE a gown, but I did practice wearing it for a few hours and did i mention i LOVE the founders of the company... they are the best! oh and yes i did get to design this new Hazel gown and yes this is the one i can't wait to wear! I can't wait for that day, i wonder how it will all happen, maybe i can use my Hypnobirthing that i have been learning.

and you too can have that cute little button on the sidebar on your blog! click on it and get the code! or maybe even enter the latest GIVEAWAY to WIN ONE!! Did i mention that i NEED a corndog? Weird right, well since it's the middle of the night ill just wait it out until the morning and then ill see if i STILL need one!

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Anonymous said...

You should be a model -- oh yeah -- you are!!! Did you get the corndog? XOXO