Loving your unborn child.

As part of our Hypnobirthing class we are taking, we have been asked to write letters to our unborn child. our most recent class was how to love your unborn child and so tonight for FHE (family home evening) we are writing letters! Jason has also been talking to her on a regular basis even more than he was before! It is so fun to have her squirm when he is talking to her. She may be a daddy's girl.... some other things we discussed on loving your unborn child was to take weekly belly photos of when they were in your tummy and compile it into a book with letters so when she is old enough she will love looking at it and knowing that that was when She was in mommy's tummy. So i am glad i have already been taking my pictures! Singing, and talking and just playing music are other things they suggested we do as well- this class has really helped us feel more connected to her and to each other. As well as ease SO many fears of child birth i had before this class. It's pretty awesome that one of my amazing nursing instructors teaches it as well! i have the day off... that is until 4 o'clock. so here is to getting my to do list DONE (wishful thinking!)

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Jamie said...

I can't wait to be an aunt again and meet baby Hazel! :)