Happy ELEVEN months miss Hazel! (only a few days late ;) My baby girl will be a year next month- too crazy! This has been an eventful month. She is growing and changing so much it is unbelievable.
normally we would not have gotten a weight for Hazel at 11 months, but since she had her first ear infection last week we took her in and they weighed her so at 11 months Hazel weighs 19 lbs 1 oz. 
*walking full time since about 10.5 months
* no longer likes to crawl up the stairs because she tries to walk up them and 
when she can't she turns around and finds something better to do.
*fell down our basement stairs -15 stairs :( cried for a few minutes and was fine (Jason and I weren't!)
*had her first ear infection
*says, "mom" "dad" "ya" and some other crazy stuff but is constantly talking. seriously i got the Signing Time DVD from the library and played it for her, but she would mimic the sounds, not the signs. haha
*plays peak-a-boo, waves, claps, and starting to give kisses
*has 4 teeth now (just cut another bottom yesterday) so 4 BOTTOM. no top yet
*been extra clingy to mommy
*LOVES when daddy chases her
*Still exclusively breast fed (thanks to fenugreek)
*gets so excited when i ask her if she wants 'milky' 
*eats three solid meals a day + snacks a lot.
*loves meat
*eats everything (no milk, nuts, peanut butter, eggs or honey yet though!)
*practicing non-straw sippys. (her straw sippys leak WAY too much) 
anyone have any good sippy cup recommendations?
*plays/splashes in tub, hates getting water in her eyes
*likes to shut and open things and look behind things, like when she comes in the bathroom with me and ill be sitting and she will try to shut the toilet lid on me ;)
*enjoys playing in the measuring cup drawer
*LOVES flipping through books.
*laughs at everything (books, cookie monster on her diapers, she put her foot in her snack jar the other day then started cracking up)
*she will sit and watch TV for hours if we let her, her two favorite shows
Jake and the neverland pirates and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
*we have our first disneyland trip planned for march!
*wears size 3 diapers still
*wearing mostly 12 months clothes, some 9 mo. jammies still,
 and even wearing some bigger 18 mo clothes
*unpredictable sleep pattern, maybe just from ear infections and teething because
we can get a solid 10-11 hours without waking up from her for a couple nights and then shes up every couple hours! haha who knows! she also takes 2 Longer (1.5-2.5hr) naps or
3 shorter 1-1.5 hours naps a day usually depending on how early she wakes up
*she has been loving her medication and wants more
*being a mom is hard a times but the BEST things in the world
*we call her franken-hazey because she looks like Frankenstein when she walks sometimes
*other nicknames include: hazey,  hazey-pop
*it is getting SO hard to get her to sit still for a monthly picture!! especially put the sticker on without her knowing otherwise she is trying to peel it off.


Anonymous said...

Is Jason gonna have a hard time when Hazel starts eating peanut butter?? JK We are excited to have her come visit!!! XOXO

Mama Blogger said...

What a big girl!! Now where is the photo?!

Erin and Zach said...

She really is the best. Pete always talks about her, usually by just saying, "Hazel is so funny."

Love her and love you for bringing her into the world so I can have her in my life - she is amazing. (I love you for other reasons too, of course!)

Marci and Stuart Taylor said...

She is so big already!!! Hope Christmas is wonderful over there! Miss you guys! Give Hazel loves for me!