Air Force

Last year when we  Jason got accepted to dental school we talked about him applying for a branch of the military to receive the HPSP (health profession scholarship program). because Dental school debt, especially with a family, is KILLER. like hundreds of thousands.. We originally talked about him only applying for a 4-year scholarship through the Air Force, but after contacting them we found out they only give 7-8, 4 year scholarships and we were kind of late in the game. So Jason decided he would contact the Navy recruiter to see if a 4-year scholarship was an option through them. He got all his paperwork, physical, letters of recommendation and so much stuff in, and then he found out he was an alternate. Which we were bummed at the time, but I do believe it was a blessing in disguise. When we got out to Nebraska, we met a guy who informed us to use the Nebraska Air Force recruiter and he would get us in. Thank you for the excellent advice! Jason contacted the Air Force recruiter out here in Nebraska, they worked together for a while, got all his paper work in, he told Jason he thought he had a pretty good chance, and this past Wednesday we received a letter informing us that Jason had been chosen to receive a three-year Air Force scholarship. What does this mean? This means that they will be paying for the last three years of Jason's schooling, tuition, fees, books, and anything else required for school. We will also receive a monthly living stipend in return for 3 years of service to the Air Force as a Dentist. We have heard nothing but great things from fellow Air Forcers and also have heard they have great oral surgery schooling (which is what Jason is wanted to do). We are thankful for this opportunity and excited to see where our lives go from here, or what cool places we may get to live!! Congrats to my smarty hubs!

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