Thankful catch-up

Thankful day 15
I am thankful for reliable transportation. We are fortunate to have two great cars with no car payments. Someday we will get nicer, family cars, but our cars are great for now.
Thankful day 16
I am thankful for airplanes. Seriously I travel a lot, and i wouldn't be able to go like anywhere without southwest airlines :)
Thankful day 17
I am thankful for bug spray. Yes i really am! i was sweeping my basement and swept up tons of dead bugs, including a ginormous dead spider. Thanks hubs for spraying bug killer so often.
Thankful day 18
I am thankful for my ability to do hair. It has been such a huge part of my life, and a huge blessing. Not only financially, but it has allowed me to develop my creative side of life.
Thankful day 19
I am thankful for iPhones and facetime. It is so much fun to be able to facetime with familiy members all over the country. It makes being far much less painful.
Thankful day 20
I am thankful for my breast pump. It has allowed me to continue to breastfed my sweet hazey while in nursing school and working!
Thankful day 21
I am thankful for food. maybe a little too much.

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Anonymous said...

HaHaHa--we are thankful for food also! And a sweet thankful daughter!