Thankful Day 8

Thankful Day 8.
Today (well yesterday) and always I am thankful for great neighbors and a great place to live! i can't tell you what a difference in my life it has made to have the most wonderful neighbors in the best hidden secret in Omaha! Seriously, Village Green, has wonderful people but im pretty sure i lucked out when i got the best next door neighbor! Since working nights i have been able to have a great morning sitter for my hazel. Once hazel wakes up I take her to my neighbor, and then in a few hours when she is ready for a nap she comes and brings hazel to me, i feed her then she takes a nap and i continue to sleep too. oh and did i mention we do crafts like all day long... and she has a pretty stinkin cute daughter :) oh and we run errands together and are over at each others houses for dinner a couple times a week. she has been such a life-saver here in Nebraska. I also have super fun neighbors- even neighbors that drag my butt out of bed to hit the gym at 530 am  (some mornings...) and neighbors that do lunch dates and play outside and zoo dates and mall trips and some of the most amazing people that would drop everything to help you out. I really love where I live and couldn't imagine being anywhere else right now in life.                            she makes these cute booties!! check 'em out!!
some of the kiddos at the ZOO
hazel and Livi
just a couple of crafts we have done


Brittani Hamilton said...

cute crafts! jealous!

Chelsea said...

Cute! I want to live there and have those neighbors too! Lets cross our fingers :) Glad you are loving life so perfect that you have that job!!