Month of Thanks

While this month is coming to an end... Here is the wrap of of my Thankfuls... And these are not all but only my 30 for the month ;)
Thankful day 23: diet coke and popcorn to keep me awake while on my night shift
Thankful day 24: prayer- lately I have been saying my prayers in the car, talking out loud -other drivers probably think I am nuts, or I have blue tooth, anyways I have never said more sincere prayers while saying them out loud- I recommend it to everyone!
Thankful day 25: temples- the work that is done there is so amazing and sacred and it's heaven on earth, a timeout from the world!
Thankful day 26: sleep... Enough said.. Especially from a mom who works night shift
Thankful day 27: flash cards- how do you study without them
Thankful day 28: water bottles- I love water and water bottles... Even if I constantly misplace them. Sorry jas
Thankful day 29: spin class- kicked my butt this morning- such a great feeling after working out
Thankful day 30: last but not least my trials, every single one of them! They have helped me become who I am and constantly teach me new things! I saw this super cool quote on Pinterest and I hope to someday think just like this:

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Anonymous said...

Oh Devyn what a sweet post. Being wise is good.