The Big FIRST Birthday party

first off- I have always felt this societal pressure to throw a HUGE first birthday party for my child, (of course i wanted to, but she will never remember right?!) well i'm the mom who does not have it all together, I sent EVITES, some more last minute than others, i made the treats, was a stressed mess, yelled at my husband (poor jason always feels my stress!!) but i was able to creates a last minute decent first birthday party on a tight budget (at least i think so and if you feel otherwise you can keep it to yourself ;)) thanks to pinterest i had a million Pinned ideas, yet none of which i got to. someday i will have more time?? I don't know how all you moms out there have everything so together! well here is a picture overload of Hazel's First Birthday party! and special thanks to my sisters, mom and jason for helping SO much with all the food, decorations... and the outfits and photographer!!!

 She ate every bit of frosting she could, she had little interest in the actual cake part ;)

All photographs copyright Joanna Waechtler Timeless Moments


Anonymous said...

Oh Devyn- It was a wonderful party!! And Hazel will always have the pictures to remember that her Mommy and Daddy threw her a birthday party!! The pictures are so cute! XOXO

Raquel Caro said...

You did such a great job! She is so adorable in her little birthday dress and hat. Very cute :)