December Kindness Challenge

Getting in the holiday spirit, starting off December right, watching ELF, and blogging about my day 1 of  #DKC

Linking up with My {Not so} Glamorous life and  ALL MY LOVE for ALL MY DAYS for #DKC  december kindness challenge. Everyday i will challenge myself to do something kind for someone around me, not just the Hubs- but strangers ;)

Successful Day 1: Drove through mcdonalds to get my beloved diet coke, and paid for the person behind me :) i tried to drive away really fast before she knew but they didn't give me my drink quick enough and then she yelled out her window 'THANK YOU' it's the little things that make your day that much better. So i am challenging all of you to take this challenge or do one of your own!! xoxo MERRY CHRISTMAS 


Rube & Rocio said...

i don't think you need to challenge yourself on this one! you are one of the kindest persons I know!

Devyn Pickett said...

OOhhh Rocio! you are too sweet!! you are definitely one of the kindest i know! xox

Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

Hi there!! Missed you at last weeks link up, but would love to see you link up today!
Wishing you the best :)