One week.

It's hard to believe that my little love bug baby girl will be O N E in one week. It is bittersweet watching them grow but more sweet. I have learned so much from this tiny daughter of God and her sweet spirit in a year than possibly my entire life-time. Who knew?! watching her grow up makes me more and more excited to have another ity bity baby someday (no NOT a pregnancy announcement although wouldn't that be fun!!) but i already miss HER as a newborn, thats the bitter part.

On another note- we tried to get family pictures done yesterday but 5 minutes into them Hazel was NOT having it.. not matter what we did.. sounds about right for picture day... so we shall try again later today.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and go do something nice for someone!
Oh and here are some pictures so you can reminisce on this past year with me. this week last year i looked like this:

and my feet looked like this: (embarrassing... but more UGLY and UNCOMFORTABLE....)

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