2012 Year in Review

well i think Facebook does a pretty good job of highlighting my 2012 year in review.... but here is my version!

January: brought hazel back to Utah on her first plane ride at 2 weeks old. begun my last semester of nursing school!!
February: went to CA and miss Hazel was given a baby blessing by her daddy.
March: Spent spring break in CA.
April: Jason officially 'walked' and graduated BYU!!
May: I graduated nursing school and took and passed my NCLEX and became an official RN. We moved to California for summer
June: Jason and I ran in the TEAM WAGNER relay around Lake Tahoe. we each ran 10.5 miles!
July: We had a Wagner family reunion at ASPEN GROVE. we moved to NEBRASKA
August: Jason started his FIRST semester of DENTAL school. and we painted and worked on the house a lot. Jason turned 26. Hazel and I took a trip to Arizona
September: Hazel and I took a trip to Chicago. I turned 24!
October: Hazel and I took a trip to CA for JARED and CAITLIN'S nuptials! I finally got my first real RN job. Night pediatric home nurse.
November: Happy Thanksgiving! we celebrated turkey day in Kansas City, MO with The Pickett and Donahoe families.
December: we found out Jason was accepted for the Air Force scholarship!! Jason passed all his classes and finished his first semester of Dental school. We visited CA for 2 weeks and HAZEL turned ONE!

What a blessed year we have had and it is crazy to think hazel has been with us for the entire 2012!!!! Hope everyone is having a happy and safe New Years and maybe ill make some New Years resolutions and post em up here!!

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