Happy 9 months to my beautiful baby girl Hazel!!! as i say every month and i will say it every month i cannot believe how quickly time passes! on Thursday 9/27 hazel will be exactly 40 weeks old. since she was born on her due date.. on friday she will officially have been out of the womb longer than she was in. that is crazy to think about. i asked Jason which way has gone by quicker and we both agreed having here has gone by much quicker!

Being a mom is the BEST. i love watching hazel learn new things everyday.

at 9 months Hazel is: 

17lbs 11 oz. (42%)

27 1/4 inches long (36%)

and head circumference of 45 cm (79%)

*she is still exclusively breast fed a lot (6+ times a day)
*she crawls, stands up anywhere and everywhere, stands without holding on to anything 
*she just wants to take off running. she wants to hold your hands and walk everywhere
*she loves all kinds of food but especially dried strawberries, hot dogs, meat sticks, gerber cheese puffs, yogurt, blueberries, and is a pro at feeding herself those  baby food  that they can suck out
*she has two bottom teeth and i think a  top right one is about to cut
*she wears size 3 diapers, still fits in all her 9 month clothing and just starting on some 12 m clothing
*she says mama, mom, dada, baba, gaga and all other babbling noises
*i don't know if she knows what she is actually saying but when i get her from naps she will be standing up at the corner of her crib closest to the door yelling , "ma ma ma ma"
*she enjoys some cartoons, she could watch the intro to Jake and the Neverland pirates over and over
*she has  had more falls, cuts, scrapes, bruises and tears from her new mobility than ever  before.
*she is pretty clingy
*she can crawl up all the stairs in  record time if i forget to close the baby gate
*she eats A N Y T H I N G she can find
*i found a PAPERCLIP, a normal sized paperclip, in her poop the other day (not proud of this)
*she loves to try to 'play' with the other kids
*she enjoys the swings at the park
*hazel prefers to be outside
*hazel loves her baths
*she sleeps from 8pm-7am with a couple 1-2 hr naps a day
*she wakes up most nights just talking and playing so i have been trying to not get her and she just goes back to sleep
*she  is starting to really understand what i am saying , like we play peek-a-boo and i say where is hazel and she will duck her head, or if she is crawling away i will say i'm gunna getcha and she crawls faster until i get her and then giggles her head off.
*she loves going upside down
*she is ticklish and giggly!

I LOVE every second i get with my hazel. Being a stay at home mom is truly rewarding and so the best. the house isn't always spotless or hardly ever spotless but we have a lot of fun and if money wasn't an issue i think i could stay home forever! it is not easy but she makes it all worth it. she makes me want to have a lot of kids. 


Mallory Wagner said...

She's so cute! We miss you guys!

Erin and Zach said...

I love her so much! What a cutie pie. Pete now asks me if I have seen the pictures posted of Hazel - he is her stalker! I can't blame him though, we all are. You're just the best Mom!

Mamawags said...

cutest 9 month old ever!!! (not to mention that adorable quilt!)

She's adorable :)