T w e n t y f o u r

Happy birthday last week to me!! I had such a great day even though Jason had to be at school all day hazel and my friends made my day great!! I went to the gym for spin class and the teacher heard it was my birthday so the first spin class song was for my birthday haha then when I got home
My door was decorated!!!thanks em!!!!! Hazel and I played and then we went to lunch and the mall with friends!!
Thank you for all for coming ;)
In the afternoon we found out that Krispy Kreme was giving away a free dozen donuts for anyone who comes in dressed as a pirate (because my birthday is national talk like a pirate day) so hazel was a pirate and got us a dozen donuts! Jason gave me a spa day for my birthday so on Saturday I went and had an hour massage, facial 'manicure and pedicure ahh it was the best day!!!! I came home and turns out Jason had been planning this little party with friends! We had pizza and a delicious cake thanks to everyone for making my birthday so fantastic


Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully fun and exciting birthday.! It is wonderful to have friends and a sweet husband!! Well Happy Birthday to you!XOXO

Brittani Hamilton said...

so happy your birthday was well celebrated! Love you sissy!