Pinterest addict

Hello, my name is Devyn and I am addicted to pinterest. I have mixed feelings about pinterest.. it can be very depressing.. but it can also be incredibly uplifting. I have made a points to only pin and search for uplifting things. Pins that will make me be better, more creative, use what i already have, more recipes.. instead of COVETING things that i WANT or AMAZING houses that i will only ever dream of. I am trying to pin things that are realistic.. like outfits i could put together from my own closet or ideas about outfits. Pinterest is also my GO TO for dinner each night and for DIY projects. I try to not dwell on things i cannot have but things that i have. i also LOVE the quotes that are pinned on pinterest. So the good outweighs the bad, so i approve of my own addiction. ha. 

okay so on to the real deal: I will now be Pinning as LABORLOOKS on pinterest. so FOLLOW me here: FOLLOW ME!!!!! once LaborLooks reaches 300 followers on pinterest they will be doing an AMAZING giveaway you won't want to miss!! 

and if you don't know what laborlooks is go HERE for more info:


Brittani Hamilton said...

so excited for this!!!

Anonymous said...

I am too!!!