Last week Hazel and I got to take a quick trip to visit auntie Erin and uncle Pete!!! It was so much fun! We arrived Thursday and there was a car waiting at the airport for us (I definitely felt like a celebrity!) it took us right to Erin's where she was taking pictures of us as the car rolled in haha. That evening we had yummy Thai food and watched the bears game at Pete's. Friday we slept in then went to lunch after lunch Erin had to work so hazel and I walked down Michigan doing some window shopping. We had delicious Mexican food for dinner hazel especially loved the beans- they must have been filling because she slept from 9-7 that night. That's rare on vacation! Saturday we went and worked out at east bank club. Where Oprah works out. I didn't see her though. Erin has seen her a couple times though it's a pretty snazzy place! We then flew home to a super clean house (except a non- made bed! That's Jason's favorite thing when I am gone is to not make the bed) haha. Thanks Erin for such a fun fun trip!!!!!


Erin and Zach said...

I am so glad you were able to make it out. I miss you guys already. Uncle Pete is almost as obsessed with Hazel as I am! He says they are alike, him and Hazel. What a goof. Anyway, I love that you are so much closer now. Can't wait to see you in October! Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Well I think that Pete and Hazel are very much alike. Very much. And what cute pictures that you posted Devyn. You and Jason have a beautiful baby!! Chicago is such a beautiful place I think I would like to go visit also!!