Seriously.. what a bad wife posting my husbands birthday post a whole week late, well guess what. it's not like he reads this anyways ;)
So here's a shout out to my smokin' hot husband on 26 years of life!! and 5 have been spent with me and one with our little hazey!! He is the best ever! do you want 26 reasons???
1. He puts up with me!
2. he gave me hazel
3. he is the sweetest dad and i love watching them play together they have so much fun
4. i love his smile
5. he has the BEST teeth (in case you didn't know..and he's never had a cavity!)
6. he will do ANYthing for me (i mean he took hypnobirthing classes with me which i didn't even use oopsies!)
7. he is a super smarty pants
8. he is a hard worker
9. he is a worthy priesthood holder
10. he loves sports
11. he is really funny
12. Jason has a lot of goofy faces
13. J loves to sing-talk. like a lot.
14. Jason usually will eat anything i make him
15. He always tells me i'm pretty
16. he claims he likes me in whatever i wear/however i do my hair/whatever color it is.. (i secretly know he has preferences..but he always claims he likes anything!
17. Jason gives hazel and i blessings whenever we ask
18. He willingly serves in his church callings
19. J is so great at the dishes
20. He loves to shop but is better at saving than me
21. He loves eggos and peanut butter.
22. he now drinks DIET COKE
23. He is so sweet
24. He makes every day exciting
25. He loves his family unconditionally and will do anything for us
26. Jason makes me the happiest girl alive.

I could go on forever but we will keep it at 26 and i will now prompt him to 'check the blog'
and i'll leave you with some on my favorite jason pictures

I LOVE YOU JASON i couldn't have asked for a more perfect husband!!

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