Arizona sissy fun

I'm so blessed to have such great sissys!!! I had so much fun in Arizona so did hazel!! It was funny how many people got brittani and i confused apparently we look alike :) no but I've been told that we look the most alike.. I should post a bunch on family pictures and you can decide for yourself! But for now I will steal this pic from britts blog this was as I was walking out the door to the airport and brittani was walking out the door to deliver a baby... Oh and incase you didn't already know.. Arizona is super super hot! Daily happy hour sonic runs are a must in Arizona..


Nikole said...

OMG Devyn! You look AMAZING!! And you and your sister really, really look alike!! haha

Anonymous said...

Yep-- Not only my daughters are beautiful but so is my daughter in law!!!

Brittani Hamilton said...

for sure on the sonic runs!!!